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What better way to spend a Saturday, then in the park listening to Blues



Today the Ealing Blues Festival starts off. The line-up looks stronger than in previous years. Kicking off the Festival is the Robert Hokum Blues Band. Robert Hokum isn’t a straight up bluesman. Over the years he has incorporated different styles to create something different. Well worth a watch.



The Others R&B get the party started on the South Stage. Over the years the South Stage has generally had the more interesting and less traditional music than the Main Stage. This year is no expection. The Others R&B get the party started. The Others R&B started in the 1960’s and still have the same line up, that have played all over the world and it’ll be a pleasure to watch them this afternoon.



The highlight of the afternoon is Rabbit Foot at the main stage at 3.30. They are a duo who play a stripped down blues rock. They play fast and their songs are catchy has hell. Think Imelda May fronting a swamp blues bar band and you’re on your way to getting their sound. Miss this at your own peril!!!!




Jerimiah Marques and the Blue Aces are on the main stage from 5-6.30 for laidback evening blues. Don’t forget your dancing shoes for this one! But you want something a bit more heavier, but no less danceable head to the South Stage for Robin Bibi Band. This is classic blues reminiscent of Double Trouble (in places). It should be the perfect place to watch the Sun go down.



At 7 at the Main stage Connie Lush and Blues Shouter are on. Lush has one of the best voices to he heard all weekend! It can hit the highs perfectly, but can also hit those gravelly notes that few people can.





On the South Stage from 7-8 is MACK. These are relatively new kids on the block as they only formed two years ago. If you like your blues like the Rolling Stones (or early Aerosmith) then this something that you won’t want to miss! Expect lots of hard riffs, guttural vocals and harmonicas! What more do you want?





Closing the first day of the festival goes to Big Boy Bloater and the Limits and Devil Drives. Big Boy Bloater is on the South Stage 8-10. He takes the Cowpunk sound of Jon Wayne and the Blasters, adds some distortion and comes up with something slightly heavier and more interesting. This could be the most interesting band on the bill today.





The Devil Drives sees Robert Hokum closing the festival (after he opened it on the South Stage). As the Main Stage dictates this is big family friendly fun.



So there you have it. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than checking out any of these band!



Rabbit Foot – 1234



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