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TDoP will release a new EP next month, it’s time to get excited people!


The Death of Pop are making a break for the song of the (Indian) summer. Whenever is chocked full of all the elements that have been making them one of the most exciting new bands in recent years. This time they’d added some Pink Floyd-ism’s to their arsenal to make this their most catchy and infectious song to date.



The Fifths EP is released on 4th August and if  Whenever is anything to go by it is set to be their best release to date. They are separating themselves from the rest of shoegazing chancers by creating music as powerful and exciting as their hero’s rather than copying them to within an inch of their lives. It is this level of reinvention that makes their music so enjoyable. Maybe it’s because the band is made of members from the same family, but when they get together there is an almost synergy to their playing.



As an added bonus this EP is proceeded by a flexidisc and 20 page zine. This is released on the 28th July and is only limited to 250 copies, so if you want it, you better click the link below, or you’ll be missing out on something special. Remember how amazing their Pictogram 10” was, this looks set to eclipse that! Luckily if you miss the flexidisc the EP will be released digitally in August.



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