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Boy Names go Afrobeat, still bloody works!



It’s been all quiet on the Boy Names front. Rumour had it that they were locked in a studio creating their new single. Luckily this was true, even more luckily is that they’ve written their most full formed track to date.





They’ve kept to the same winning formula. Catchy chorus, woozy synths, infectious guitars and a load of forward thinking pop. But this time they’ve changed it slightly. Although the electro pop is still there, they’ve added an extra element of Afro-Beat. At first I wasn’t sure, but after a few listens this is a master stroke. It adds an extra level of catchiness and makes them stand alone in the pop wilderness! This should be the sound of the summer.



I’ve said this before, but if Boy Names continue to create music like this they won’t be playing in small venues for much longer! Check the out now and boast to your friends that you saw them in pokey clubs and pub backrooms.



Boy Names – Instant Ambition



July 2014






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