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The world Cup Final is sorted!



Just a quite one today. The dust has finally settled on Germany’s destruction of Brazil and Arentina have beaten the Netherlands on penalties. Two great, but different semi-finals. From the start of the tournament I said that the final would be Holland and Germany (if it was possible) and Germany would win. Ok so I was only half right, but that’s better than most pundits. Only time will tell if I picked the right winner.



I still think that Germany will win. Argentina haven’t really set the tournament alight, but they’d played well enough to get to the final. In fact at times I’ve found them boring and un eventful. Generally Messi has been marked out of the games, and the rest of the players have done enough to get through. Germany on the other hand have been fairly decent all the way. Germany are a harder team to play against as they don’t have just one star player. Every German player is about an 8, the same can’t be said for Argentina. They have weak links and Germany will exploit this fact.



Whatever happens on Sunday this has been one of the best World Cups of my lifetime (possible the best since 1990/1994). This might be because 2010 was so poor, or it because the world has fallen in love with football again!



Angelo Badalamenti – Final



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