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Underground hero has been knocking about in my head for a while



Dave Cloud is a man who shouldn’t need an introduction, but sadly he does. For a decade and a half he has been (along with his band The Gospel of Power) releasing some of the best soul garage punk rock ever recorded. Over the years he has been described as a mixture of Neil Diamond and Tom Waits. This is a good approximation. His lyrics contain the emotional content of Diamond’s, but with the experimentation of Tom Wait (along with slight vocal stylings).



In 2010 Dave Cloud released a live album called Live at Gonerfest. I generally don’t like live albums as they never quite capture the live event, but Live at Gonerfest is half an hour of high octane distorted garage rock. And it’s awesome. I have never seen Dave Cloud live (mainly because he rarely leaves Nashville), but hearing this album is the next best thing. The power and energy contained in these thirty minutes shows that in over 15 years Cloud hasn’t lost his passion or love of performing live.



Dave Cloud & The Gospel Of Power – Motorcycle



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