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Today has been one of the best sporting experiences of my life!



Today I stood on the side of a hill in Yorkshire for three hours waiting for just under 200 cyclists to speed past me in less than a minute. It was amazing! I went with my wife and Mother-In-Law. They are not massive fan of La Tour, but they thought it was amazing too.



The original plan was to go to Holme Firth vineyard and watch it there through binoculars as they attacked Côte de Holme Moss. When we got there (earlier than expected) we were informed by a waitress that “If you walk through the vineyard, turn right, walk a bit, cross over the bright and go up a bit you’ll be right on the road for the race”. After receiving instructions like that who wouldn’t check it out? So after tea and coffees we ventured out to get a place on the road side. The waitresses directions were almost flawless and half a mile later we were on the route. Actually where we came out was 4.7km to the summit. So as we had time (and it was sunny) we walked up Holme Moss and found a good spot on a dry stone wall (it is Yorkshire after all) opposite a row of houses (one guy was actually playing Kraftwerk – Tour De France on loop like a demented mantra). Here we stayed until everything was over and it was time to go home.



If you have never experienced the race live I urge you to do it. There is a festival like atmosphere. Everyone is friendly, swapping stories, information, laughs and sometimes food and drink. An hour before the riders come through the race caravan passes by. The caravan is made up of official race cars, merchandise vendors and companies throwing out free swag for us the crowd. The companies ranged from the French Police, fruit juice companies, insurance firms, airlines, local tourism, basically the whole spectrum. I managed to get a limited edition box of Yorkshire Thé.



When the riders fly by, you don’t know if you should cheer or try and take photos. I did both. This is the best one I got.


Tour de France

Tour de France





The only drawback is you don’t actually know who is in the lead as or if there is a breakaway unless someone near you have a tablet or one of the houses puts their TV in the window with the sound up loud. Hours later I am still buzzing about the experience. I am very tempted to try and catch a stage in France, but this will probably have to wait until next year. Needless to say I will be glued to the race all day for the remained for the tour. If I wasn’t an obsessed fan before I certainly am now!


Kraftwerk – Tour De France Étape 2 – 2009 – Remaster



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