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The best month of sport starts today, needless to say I’m excited!



I want to start this blog with a statement. I LOVE LE TOUR DE FRANCE! It is my favourite sporting event of the year. It has more action, drama and entertainment in one stage than the Premier League and Six Nations has in total. Each stage is more epic than the one that preceded it.



This year the race starts in Yorkshire (and I am going tomorrow!). To say I’m excited it putting it mildly. So what is it about a bike race that gets my juices going, I can hear you ask. The answer is simple. It’s you against the course. Yes I know that there are teams and each team leader is dragged over some of the more intense parts, but if you don’t keep peddling you go out. It’s basically that simple. I know that in the past there was a dark side to the tour, but hopefully those days are behind us and there won’t be any more doping scandals. I know that this is probably a pipedream, but it’s looking like the sport has taken a look at its reflection, didn’t like what it saw and has now had a haircut and a shave.



As I have said it’s an individual race, and it’s the individuals that make the sport what it is. In a way I look at professional cyclists the same as I look at professional wrestlers. They put their bodies’ one the line for the majority of year and if you pick up and knock (as long as it doesn’t put you out of action) you dust yourself down, grit your teeth and carry one. One cyclist (Tyler Hamilton) gritted his teeth so much he ground down 11 teeth to the roots. Another cyclist Eddy Merckx once fought through the pain and finished a race he had no chance of winning because if he’d dropped out, the winner wouldn’t get full satisfaction of beating him fairly. Both of these examples are insane I know, but this is part of cycling’s rich history.



I’m hoping for a close race. I’d love another 1989 when the race was won by 8 seconds, but I that this isn’t likely, but as long as the winner is challenged all the way to Paris I’ll be happy!



Kraftwerk – Tour De France Étape 1 – 2009 – Remaster



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