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This week’s number one is pretty good, makes a change.



It dawned on me today (while I was waiting for a report to load at work) that I had no idea what the number one single was. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t know any number one singles this month, scratch that, this year! “I’ll rectify this when I get in” I said to myself. After a light dinner, the last 10 minutes of Argentina vs. Switzerland and having a bath I was ready (mentally and physically) to listen to it.



The first thing that stuck me was that I didn’t hate it. Yes it is very of the moment, but with the whoosh of that-thing-that-was-called-dubstep. What I really enjoyed is that it doesn’t have any annoying vocals that you normally find on pop dance\club tracks. I’m sure there are versions that are chocked full of dithering girl house whine, but one this version it isn’t there.



If this is the state of the charts they are in a better position than I thought. This shows that the general public aren’t as swayed by novelty records and reality singing competitions. I know that one song a good chart does not make, but I really enjoyed this, and it gives me hope that the British music industry is righting itself and good product is being released.



Oliver Heldens – Gecko – Radio Edit



June 2014






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In a month that has been dominated by the World Cup, there have been some great songs. Parakeet get the gold star for best release of the month. The Pink Noise EP is an amazing 13 minutes. Taylor McFerrin’s debut was WELL worth the wait. Jack White released his second solo album. It’s everything that you’ve come to expect from Mr. White. First Aid Kit released possibly the album of the Summer.



But for every plus there is a negative. Kasabian released their fifth album, and well, it’s woeful. Lana Del Rey released her second album and although it sounds great (production wise) it’s pretty boring. Sadly Bobby Womack died, but at least we have a life’s body of work to cherish.



Cheers June you were beautiful, here’s to July!



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