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North London Alt-Rockers release new EP, it’s a master class in loud-quiet-loud


Wolf Alice have been making waves for a few now. Their Blush EP was a high light from last year, and this year’s Creature Songs EP looks set to repeat this feat with their mix of folk, alt-rock and pop. It shouldn’t all work together but it does.


What makes Creature Songs so impressive is that although we’ve heard this before (abrasive guitars and soaring sweet vocals) Wolf Alice make it all their own. This is loud-quiet-loud to perfection. Not all the tracks are bombastic blasters though, Heavenly Creatures is a beautifully touching piece of music, the like of which I’ve not heard for a while. This is important as it shows that they aren’t a one trick pony. This will serve them well in their future. Final track We’re Not the Same starts off slow, but when it hits the halfway point it explodes in a wall of feedback and wailing guitars (and vocals).


Wolf Alice’s future looks extremely bright, the only concern isn’t the music they’ll make, but the public’s interruption of it. Over the years we have seen countless band start brightly, garner praise across the boards, but through no fault of their own, interest dwindles when the ‘next big thing’ comes along. I really hope that this doesn’t happen with Wolf Alice and I don’t think it will. They’re sound isn’t meant for mass consumption (at the moment) so hopefully they’ll keep their heads down and their blinkers on and continue to craft wonderful music like this EP.



Wolf Alice – We’re Not the Same



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