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A lazy day spent with friends



I’m going to keep this brief as the last post was a tad long… Today has been spent either cheering on runners at the Bupa 10k or lazing in the sun by the Thames.



The reason we were at the 10k is because my wife’s friend has run three 10k’s in three weeks. Not a mean feat on its own, but one of them was a military obstacle course, one was less military but no less obstacley and the last a straight up flat 10k, but in the baking Sun. That deserves a cheer from anyone in my book! So down we went for 9 in the morning. We had breakfast near the finish and got a good spot and waited. After cheering for 90 minutes she ran past. Her time was under the hour mark, big hugs all round!



After that we headed to Richmond and got a good spot by the river. Two of my friends arrived and we spent a glorious afternoon sitting in the Sun. When it started to go a bit dull we decided a nice scenic walk along the Thames was in order and we headed to the London Appetence for dinner. Sadly they didn’t have what I originally ordered, but my second choice was ok. After a few more hours in the lingering Sun we called it a night and went home.



It’s been a great day, but I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow.



Nick Drake – River Man



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