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Everyone’s favourite Blues Psychers channel calypso’s spirit to great effects



The name of Arrowe Hill should need no introduction, but unfortunately they do. Formed in London 1999 their name is where founding member Adam Easterbrook is from in the Wirral (what is it about the Wirral and psych indie bands?). They are about to release their seventh album this year. Originally their sound was more psychedelic indie, but in recent years this has been toned down and elements of acoustic blues has been added. A lot of the lyrics lean quite heavily towards the darker side of life. I don’t mean they sound like the musical version of a JD Ballard novel, but they incorporate (Hammer) Horror, the occult and ghost stories. Blues Matters magazine once said they are “MR James meet Elmore James”. Personally I think a more truthful line is Arthur Machen meet Son House (but this lacks the punch of Blues Matters quote).



So enough of the past what of their future. As they are signed to Ouija Board Entertainment, maybe we should consult the spirits? As I’m in a rush to go out I’m going to play their new single instead. Around the Corner is two minutes of classic oAH. The verses and chorus are short and catchy and the calypso\bossa nova feel of it makes it infectious. This is the sound of the summer, not only because of the World Cup in Brazil, but because it’s light, airy and fun.



If Around the Corner is anything to go by this could be the most interesting oAH album in a long time, but I expect that the rest of it will be like it’s brothers that proceeded it. Short, sharp and slightly spooky. Whatever it turns out like I for one cannot wait!





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