16/05/2014 – Bob James-Nautilus (1974)

Alt-Indie darlings release compilation album that ticks all the right boxes


Django Django are the latest band to compile a mix album for the Late Night Tales series. This album is chocked full of psych prog alt-pop classics. When Django Django exploded on the scene in 2012 they sounded like none of their peers. Listening to this album you can start to see why. How many other albums will take you from The Beach Boys to Outkast in three simple moves?



1. Leo Kottke – The Tennessee Toad

2. Gulp – Game Love

3. Bob James – Nautilus

4. James Last – Inner City Blues

5. Map Of Africa – Bone

6. Seals & Crofts – Sweet Green Fields

7. Philip Glass – Floe

8. The Millennium – To Claudia On Thursday

9. The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up

10. Primal Scream – Carry Me Home

11. Massive Attack – Man Next Door

12. TNGHT – Bugg’n

13. Outkast – Slum Beautiful

14. Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together

15. Roy Davis JNR – Gabriel

16. Harry Nilsson – Coconut

17. Canned Heat – Poor Moon

18. Ramadanman – Bass Drums

19. Rick Miller – Future Directions

20. Django Django – Porpoise Song

21. Benedict Cumberbatch – Flat Of Angles (Part 4)



The stand out track on the album is Bob James-Nautilus. This wasn’t an easy decision (look at the tracklist), but there is something about this song that I can’t get out of my head. Maybe because it’s been sampled by Slick Rick, Eric B. and Rakim, Run DMC and Ghostface Killah, or that it’s just plain catchy as hell, but there is something about this song that I can’t ignore. When it starts you think you know exactly how it will play out, but after a few bars that has been twisted on its head. It starts off with light and ethereal tones, then the main riff (and what a riff) kicks in followed by a soaring keyboard part. The songs tour de force is its drums. They help move the song on and stop it getting locked in a repetitive groove.



My only problem with the album is that at times it feels that they could have pushed the musical variety more. The inclusion of Gulp was a nice nod to family ties. However the inclusion of Primal Scream and Massive Attack seemed a bit too safe. This is probably me just being cynical. If you’re going to include The Millennium, Philip Glass and Roy Davis Jr, why not push it in other places too?



Ultimately this is a good album (despite my vague attempt to prove otherwise) and if you only get one mix album this should be the one.






Bob James – Nautilus



May 2014









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  1. I love a good mix album, and I really love your blog! Always giving me something new to listen to and ponder, thank you!

  2. swood97 said:

    Mix albums are always the best! You can’t beat a great collection of music all in one place!

  3. sophiebowns said:

    Ah I do love compilation albums!

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