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Post-Pop Berlin based trio play the Great Escape, you need another reason to head down?



Much has been written about Ballet School over the past few months. Most of it positive and praising their sound. If you haven’t heard Ballet School before, they sound like a mixture of 1980’s New Wave synth pop, but with lyrics and delivery of someone older than their years. Rosie Blair sings during Ghost “No one else can ever compare to me”. Not the kind of thing you hear on your average pop song. As I’m sure you can tell Ballet School aren’t your average band.



It’s the meshing of genres and musically boundaries that make Ballet School a delight to listen to. At times Blair’s hit notes usually saved for big R&B songs. This isn’t what you expect from an indie band. Usually I’m not a fan of the warbling vocals, but when Ballet School unleash their secret weapon, it adds to the songs power and emotion.



Ballet School have a vision of songs they should be making. So far it’s working well. They have attracted the attention of Bella Union, and if last year Boys Again EP is anything to go by, this union is working out very well. Rumour has it that they are working on an album, and if these four fleeting songs are anything to go by, when it is finally released we shall be in for a treat.



Today they are playing at the Green Door Store at 3:30, so get down early if you can, as you’ll be in for an absolute treat!




12:30 – Sea Change

13:30 – Mirel Wagner

14:30 – Mighty Oaks

15:30 – Ballet School


19:00 – Gallery Circus

19:45 – Prides

20:30 – Eliza and the Bear

21:15 – Fickle Friends

22:00 – Ghost Beach


23:00 – Kit

23:45 – Doomsquad

00:30 Gartmalen


Ballet School – Heartbeat Overdrive



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