Daily Archives: May 4, 2014

Lazy day spent at an otter and owl sanctuary, good stuff!



Today I had the pleasure of going to an otter and owl sanctuary with my family. It was great to walk around and see how excited my nephew got when we finally say an otter. As far as animal sanctuaries go, this one was pretty decent. It was a lot bigger than I originally thought and there was a good selection of variations of otter and owls (Giant, European, Eurasian, Asian otter and barn, tawny, Snowy and borrowing owls.



After walking around for a few hours went exited not through the gift shop, but through the café. It was the perfect end to a great morning. Now all that is left is to watch sport, play board games, drink tea and help cook dinner.



I wish every weekend could be like this but the weather could be a bit otter. Boom boom!



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