30/11/2013 – Du Bellows-Happiness (2012)

Du Bellows redefine intimate in Rough Trades basement

Last night I was lucky enough to catch Du Bellows performing an in store at Rough Trade West. They played in the vintage vinyl room to a crowd that could have been counted on two hands. I always find it intense seeing someone performing that close. I wondered how they were going to pull it off (as I have only seen them perform as a full band before), but I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the first things that strikes you is the clarity and range of Jade Wiliams’s voice. I think it has the power to reduce grown men to tears. Musically they sound like a mix of Fleetwood Mac and John McLaughlin at their acoustic\folky peaks. There are elements of the blues in there too, but it’s their vibe that conjures up images of musical past (more than the present). I could add even more lazy journalism to this and say they remind me of a more stripped down Big Brother & the Holding Company with a certain female vocalist. I won’t but you get the jist.

By 6.30 it was all over and I was walking home. The set had been short and sweet (as all good gigs should be) and I want to catch them again. I thought that acoustically some of the songs didn’t work as well as they have\could with the full band, but considering that this was their first in store it was bloody good. I hear that there is an album in the works and I’m chomping at the bit to hear it, but for now their new EP (and the memories of this fleeting show) will have to do!



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