27/03/2013 – My Chemical Romance-I’m Not OK (I Promise) 2004

Earlier in the week My Chemical Romance announced that they’d broken up. The world carried on. I have never been a fan of My Chemical Romance, but I never hated them. In my opinion they were an OK band making music I wasn’t that bothered about.

My Chemical Romance

When they were at their height I knew quite a few My Chemical Romance fans. Some of them were just people who really liked the band, but some of them took it all way too seriously. I remember once in an indie club having a conversation, and they didn’t understand why My Chemical Romance weren’t my favourite band. I tried to explain that I didn’t like the music, and I thought that the message in it had been done better in the past, but she was having none of it. The only way I could end the conversation was to go to the loo and then avoid her for the rest of the night.

My Chemical Romance Fans

I think that the main problem that faced My Chemical Romance was that newspapers thought they were something they weren’t, and tried to portray them in that light. It’s quite sad that the people who wrote those articles had probably had similar conversations with their parents about punk. But scaremongering does sell papers and that’s what they’re all about really isn’t it, rather than reporting on a band that have dyed hair and kids have a fanatical devotion about. Where is the hate campaign for One Direction?

One thing that struck me as odd about the breakup was that it seemed very ill timed. They released their last album in 2010 (and it sold well), and they headlined big festivals, so it seems odd that they’d end it all on a whimper, rather than with a massive firework display. Maybe the final chapter has yet to be written, but as it stands My Chemical Romance are no more.

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay – I Promise Album Version


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