10/03/2013 – Brian Eno-Thursday Afternoon (1985)

Lazy Sunday’s are the best days ever! I love waking up and knowing that I don’t have to do anything until the evening. It’s so liberating to know that you can do anything you want all day.

Today I woke up early (and with not much of a hangover) and watched Andrew Marr over a cup of tea. Then we decided what we wanted for dinner. I decided on some kind of Mexican fish (as it’s my week to pick). Rachel had arranged to meet a friend in the afternoon so I walked with her into Ealing and on my way home picked up the few ingredients that we didn’t have. I had no idea how expensive fish had got to buy! But as it is the main part of dinner I had to buy it.

When I got in I tried to win something on ebay, but I got distracted as the road we live on was used in an advert and I missed out. Gutted, but luckily the exact same thing is on there again, so I have another chance later. But the plus side is that Jessica Ennis has walked past where I live, ha!

After I’d gotten over the annoyance and shock, I had some vile lunch and settled down to watch the England Italy rugby match. While I was waiting for that to start I phoned my Mum to wish her a Happy Mothers Day.

It’s half time now in the rugby and England are 12-3 up. I thought it would have been more, but Italy aren’t the pushovers they once were! But I think that we’ll win and the Grand Slam is on!

All the time that I’ve been doing all this, I’ve been playing Brian Eno-Thursday Afternoon. It’s such an amazing piece of music that I can’t really describe it, other that it fits with this afternoon perfectly. It’s that kind of atmospheric ambient music that Eno does so well! If your Sunday is anything like mine than give this a spin.

Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon – 2005 Digital Remaster


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